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Family Plumbing Heating & Air, Inc.
29970 Technology Dr 102
MurrietaCA 92563
 (951) 699-4488

Reviews Of Family Plumbing Heating & Air, Inc.

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Laurie Katz
Jun 13, 2018

This is the 2nd time we have used your services. All your technicians are polite, timely and honest. Thank you Julio your professionalism and honesty are qualities we admire and much appreciated.

Wendy Venable
Jun 09, 2018

Please see our post on Family's page. We will recommend Family to all of our Friends and Family. :-)

Julie Halpin
May 14, 2018

About 2 weeks ago my kitchen sink backed up - everything that had ever gone down the garbage disposal side came up the other side. Since we recently bought the house, we had this fancy home warranty that covers stuff like this for a set service fee which is less than a typical service call if I go straight to the vendor. I put in my request and the following day the plumber of their choice contacted me. That person's customer service was not so great, but it wasn't rude or (at that point) even worth mentioning- I figured she was having a bad day and made my appointment. The plumber came out on time. I showed him my issue and where the known clean outs are located. He noticed something on the roof that was sticking up just above the kitchen. While still standing on the ground, said that was the only way to clean out the drain and he couldn't do it. He would tell my warranty company and someone should probably call me same day to get someone else out. Well, I didn't hear from anyone... for 3 days. I had been emailing, leaving messages trying to find out the next step. I was hung up on once and yelled at when I called back. I had no idea if I owed the service fee or if they were going to send someone else out or not. I was being ignored and treated very poorly. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. I left messages for 6 plumbers servicing my area. Two returned my message. One said they couldn't help and Family Plumbing Heating and Air said they could. I called back later after giving the other 4 a fair shot to return my message. I got Ruth. I told her the first company said the only way to clean my drain was to do it from the roof. She gave me the price for that service and being more that I could afford and beyond frustrated with the poor service I received elsewhere and not having use of my kitchen sink for 8 days, I broke down. I told her to cancel the appointment we just made because I couldn't afford that. She stopped me - She asked how I knew the roof was the only way to clean the drain. I told her it was what the first company said. She asked if they even attempted to clean it from the sink. No they did not - the only "tool" they used was a flashlight. She suggested I keep the appointment and they will attempt to clear the drain from the sink. If they can't do it, they'll not charge me and let me know what it would cost to do it from the roof or other clean out. Darryl showed up on time to the appointment. He was extremely friendly and polite. I took him on the same tour I took the first company. He said he would go through the P-trap. Got his equipment from the truck and a few min later was set up in my kitchen to clean my drain. He ran 13, maybe 15 feet of cable and fixed it. He then cleaned the inside of my cabinet under the sink and the floor in front of the sink. He left the area CLEANER than it was when he arrived. It has only been 2 days since he was at my home and I've already told my story to a few folks and said what I'll say to you now: Family Plumbing Heating and Air needs to be your new go-to plumber!

Shawn Doyle
May 08, 2018

Came home yesterday to a ruptured water main for my house. Called Family Plumbing, Heating and Air and they rapidly sent out two plumbers that diagnosed the problem and offered a reasonable repair estimate. they arrived at 5:30 and stayed til 9:00 and finished the job and restored water to the house. would definitely recommend them!!

Todd Johnston
May 01, 2018

We had a problem with our water exchange from our tub to the shower. Family Plumbing Heating & Air Inc came out fixed it for a fair price and it only took 25 min. We have used them before and will be calling them again when the need comes up. Honest pay for honest work, thank you.

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